Frequently Asked Questions

Which businesses need to keep OSHA logs and for how long? Most business that have 10 or more employees are required by federal law to keep OSHA records of accidents and injuries for 5 years.

How much time do I have to put a recordable injury on the OSHA 300 log? 7 days.

Is OSHAtrac a software product that I load on to my computer or server? No, OSHAtrac is a fully hosted 100% web-based application and does not include any software for you to download. The user will have SSL encrypted security access using a unique username and password to securely access the account.

Does OSHAtrac accommodate for multiple buildings? Yes, OSHAtrac provides a solution for multiple site locations and multiple users as well. For franchises and large corporations, contact us and we will develop a custom package to facilitate your requirements. OSHAtrac is scalable to nearly an infinite number of sites and users.

Is OSHAtrac secure? Yes, OSHAtrac uses secure socket layer encryption in its application and also uses other layers of encryption security for user names, passwords and other sensitive data. This is the same type of security used by many financial institutions.

What if I am completely new to OSHA injury reporting? Then you are at the right place. Many of our competitors offer training, (at a cost of course) or require a general knowledge of OSHA and safety. With OSHAtrac there is no need to be an OSHA expert and we will not have to helicopter someone in to train you. The OSHAtrac database has built in "smarts", is very intuitive and will prove to be a pleasant user experience no matter what your background.

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