How It Works

Federal and state accident reporting has never been so easy. Online Accident Reporting saves time, decreases costs, improves injury outcomes, and reduces the risk of non compliance. OSHAtrac is 100% web-based, hosted, and secure, using SSL encryption security and password protection. There is no need to load OSHA software on computers or servers anymore. Become OSHA compliant without becoming an OSHA expert.

4 Step Process:

  • 1. Register to use OSHAtrac
  • 2. Set up account (sites,users, settings)
  • 3. Create Accident Reports online
  • 4. View and print company, multi-site or individual reports and metrics

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OSHAtrac reports and metrics are available by individual, site, multi-site or all sites and can be printed or viewed online. OSHAtrac will also prove to be a resourceful tool to illustrate metrics during safety presentations and meetings.