Have you ever been asked to present safety metrics to your management team? If your reports are on paper, then you are aware of the painful exercise of gathering information which requires copious amounts of hours and spreadsheet data entry.

With OSHAtrac, online OSHA metrics are available at the click of a button. Managers and site supervisors can view colorful pie charts and graphs with site, multi-site and full company reports to discover injury trends, which assist in (rca) root cause analysis. Proper action can reduce injuries, reduce costs, and improve injury outcomes. An example follows: OSHAtrac metrics reveal 65% of company injuries are lacerations resulting from a box knife. As a result of these findings, your team purchases a different box knife with a safety clip and presents a safety brief on the proper use of box cutters before each shift. The result is a 40% reduction in lacerations. By using OSHAtrac your company will have the ability to identify problem safety areas so appropriate safety protocols can be implemented. Hence, a reduction in injuries, a reduction in costs and the overall improvement of the bottom line.

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Example OSHA metrics include:

  • Case Data
  • Lost and Restricted Time Data
  • Direct/Indirect Injury Costs
  • Incident/Severity Rates
  • Accident classification
  • Employee Classification
  • Nature of Injury
  • Type of Accident

Online OSHA Metrics for identifying injury trends which assist in root cause analysis.

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